The Great Label Store product line includes various garment marking options, iron-on repair materials and holiday window clings that are used by schools, healthcare facilities, camps and home-based businesses.

The marking options are great solutions to help identify garments, deter theft and add a business name. You can order custom printed iron-on labels, blank labels, and a laundry pen or just a laundry pen and write directly on the material.

The custom printed iron-on labels not only look professional but are made of high-quality materials and adhesives to withstand rigid wash cycles and remain legible for the life of the garment.

Thank you for considering The Great Label Store products and please check back often to see new iron-on products as they are made available.


The Great Label Store labels are ideal for labeling students garments that are going away to school. By simply ironing in the student’s name with our iron-on labels it helps eliminate the confusion of whose garment it is and at the same time acts as a theft deterrent.

Schools that loan out clothing for sports, theater and other activities generally print “Property of” followed by the school name. This not only reminds the student that they have school property, but alerts parents to this as well.



Many times camps either require or recommend that you mark your child’s name in their clothing.

The Great Label Store offers two solutions, either an indelible marking pen or custom printed labels. Both are easy to use; with the marking pen you can write directly on the garment, on the manufacturers label or on a blank iron-on label from The Great Label Store. If you decide on the custom printed labels, you easily iron-on the pre-printed label where you’d like it to be.


The Great Label Store has been supplying garment marking solutions to nursing homes for 75 plus years. If your loved ones are moving into a nursing home be sure to identify their clothing with custom printed labels. A typical healthcare facility can have several hundred residents with one central laundry processing their clothing. A single inexpensive pre-printed label can be the difference in helping keep clothing from being misplaced or given to the wrong person.


Home-Based Business

Get extra added value out of your product by showing off your business name with custom printed labels.

Create a label with Made by, Manufactured with Love, Add your website, phone number for re-ordering, the ideas are endless. Simply click the Iron-On labels tab and type in what information you want printed.

A few examples where these labels are being used are on homemade quilts, blankets, custom made garments, pet clothing, hats, you name it. They are very simple to apply and will add a professional look to your work.