Application Instructions for Labels

NOTE: Not recommended for use on nylon, rayon or other heat sensitive fabrics. Applications to such fabrics may cause permanent damage to the garment. If in doubt, test the application in an obscure area of the garment.

  1. Preheat iron to highest heat setting, also set iron to the no steam setting.
  2. Place garment on a hard surface and place label on the garment with print side facing up in desired position. Do not use an ironing board as it is difficult to obtain the appropriate pressure when using an ironing board. We recommend placing a towel between the garment and the hard surface.
  3. Place iron on top of label and hold in place for 5 seconds. Then begin to quickly move iron back and forth across label for about 10-20 sec. MUST MAINTAIN A FIRM DOWNWARD PRESSURE WHILE IRONING. Lift iron occasionally so not to scorch garment or label.
  4. Remove iron from garment.
  5. Allow garment and label to cool before handling.

The Great Label Store is not responsible for damage to garments resulting from failure to apply labels or patches according to these instructions.

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